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L’Oignonnée: simple braising for your roasted leg of lamb

This is kind of a double-layered post. It’s about braising, but only after roasting. It starts with a roasted leg of lamb, cooked rare, as it should, with a nice coating of herbs, spices and olive oil, with a crispy outside and moist inside. It continues with the leftover meat, which is
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Sprucing up leftovers: beef-mushroom stew on Twitter Cooking Live

Some leftovers are particularly tough to deal with. For years I’ve dreaded the extra meat left after a Chinese fondue. That thinly sliced meat is not an easy thing to cook. Boiling it is kind of boring, stewing it leads to a rather mushy result, and frying it is also not as simple as it [...]
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A New Year’s resolution for home cooks: stop measuring so much

OK, I’ve got a resolution that should be easier to keep than, say, quitting smoking or losing ten pounds. Next time you cook, whether following a recipe or improvising, let go of the measuring implements, and follow your instincts and your senses. I’m not proposing that we go back to pre-Fannie Farmer, Boston Cookbook days, when [...]
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